35mm Slide Film                                  No Photo Enhancing Computer Programs Employed
This is an extremely rare daylight image I decided to attempt.  Round the bend  sits a graveyard on the outskirts of Leavenworth, Washington, where I spent hours trying to set up a composition.  Amazingly, the cemetery failed to inspire me.   I proceeded to walk the tracks and came upon this scene.  After setting up tripod and camera, I imagined what a train rounding the bend would look like and how much of it would obscure the blossoms.  This presented a dilemma, for a train was essential to the scene as was the entire field in bloom.  The final image was my solution to the problem, and a tricky one at that, for this was a time lapse taken while there was ample sunlight.  The aperture had to remain open for many seconds, yet because of the brightness, I ran a great risk of blowing out the scene completely.  To make matters even more frustrating, I had to wait  hours for this train to arrive.  Sundays are slow days for American railroads.