35mm Slide Film                                   No Photo Enhancing Computer Programs Employed

I came close to being shot by an irate owner of the truck seen here.  I had to convince him that not only was I not a vandal, but I wanted to "immortalize" his truck (a 1922 Ford classic) on film. Fortunately he decided to save his bullets.  This image was produced at dusk.  I knew that a passenger train was due to be in this vicinity at 6 PM or thereabouts.  I arrived early and scouted locations for what I thought would be a straightforward train image.  When I came across this truck I knew I had to somehow incorporate it into the scene.  I set up the tripod and camera and waited for the blast from the locomotive's horn.  When it was heard, I opened the shutter and allowed for the image to burn on film while simultaneously spritzing the truck with light from my hand held flash, being careful not to cast light onto the trees.  When the locomotive was parallel to the truck, I  spritzed it as well, enabling the AMTRAK logo to be visible in the image.  But you have to look for it.  On a sad note, since taking this photo the truck was vandalized and the radiator removed by thieves.  I don't know if the owner spared any bullets that timeā€¦